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  This term we have a selection of different Special Classes on Friday afternoons. Click here to see the schedule for these Special classes 

Members need to phone 66454005 or call into the club to register for these special classes


President’s Newsletter June & July 2018

1…I am apologising for missing June’s Monthly Newsletter. I have been very busy with my other volunteer commitments. So I am combining 2 months into 1.

2…The Publicity Team organised the half page advertising the Club’s Open Day as seen in the Local Paper the Independent. Great Job Bob MacPherson and Alison Fiddy.

3…The Management Committee welcomes 2 new Committee Members. Warren Rackham and Gary Waddell, Both these men have held these position on committee before. They will fill 2 vacancies caused by the departure of committee members Jenny Crerar and John Fiddy. We wish Jenny and John well, and thank them for their valued service to the club and the committee. Warren  and Gary have become committee members as allowed under our constitution. This is until the elections at next AGM.

4…The attendance to some classes is very low and sometime Leaders turn up to nil attendance. This is very disappointing that members would stay away and not inform the office. As the leaders (who volunteer their time and travel expenses) arrive to no show class. It is rare but does happen. If you cannot attend a class please notify the Club’s Office in time for leader to be notified before they arrive at the club.

5... At the July’s Management Committee Meeting, The committee decided to increase some of the fees members pay. Annual Membership will rise from $10.00 to $15.00 as of the 1st January 2019. Class fees have increased from $5.00 to $6.00 from start of Term 5 on Monday 27th August 2018. Also the Christmas Parties booking fee has risen from $5.00 to $10.00 per Financial Member. This had to happen, because of rising operation cost.

6…On Wednesday 4th July 2018, the club held an open day introduction. At the Civic Centre Maclean to recruit new members, it was a success. 10 new members signed up to join us. We have to recruit new members to retain our membership around 180 to 200 current membership.

7…If you have any suggestions to increase class attendance, please contact Bob Macpherson or myself we need your input.

8…Please think seriously of attending a class in Term 5, we need your support. Computer Technology and Computer Programmes are updating and change at an accelerated rate and therefore you need to update your knowledge and use of your computer, IPad and Tablet, and Phones. Also Smart TV’s and the many streaming channels now available.

We are Club Members to help each other.

President Dennis





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