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President’s Newsletter April 2017 

1…Term 2 is finished and even though numbers were down overall, it was a good term on what was achieved. So a very big thanks to all leaders, and for our IT team for keeping the computers going. Also our team of volunteers who work at Reception, They are the image of the club greeting everyone who enters the club premises. Thank you one and all.

2…I have asked the Signcraft & Design to replace the Computer Club sign on street steps in front of Club. Management Committee approved this, the painting of the back door and also free standing banner for promotion at shows.

3…I received an Email our Mayor Jim Simmons showing that my Email for additional disable parking spots at rear of club, has been forwarded to Traffic Control Committee. We can live in hope.

4…The Publicity Team would also like to thank all members who submitted designs and suggestions for the new free standing club banner. The design has been chosen. When approved I will show all members.

5…The re-joining fee is being wavered for this year as some members are mistakenly thinking they are financial till June 2017, they are not. It is important that you check your financial status, if you are not financial you cannot attend classes or this year AGM or any club function. So please check.

6…There is new air conditioner installed in the class room by Clarence Valley Council. It was badly needed after old one failed, many thanks to them.

7…The security system in club will be replaced as some cameras are not working properly. The new one will be completely wireless and have a more modern hard-drive. A better system all round.

8…I have been asked to teach basic computer skills to a couple of disable students in the green room at the rear of  Maclean shops. Carol and I will undertake this every Tuesday.

9…There are still plenty of vacancies in some class in the 3 Term enrolment, please take advantage of this.

10..It is important that you have your computer protected by an anti-virus programme. One of the best is Windows Defender brought out by Microsoft, and installed automatically with windows 10. But not always turned on if you have another anti-virus programme installed. As these programmes will assume the other programme is a virus and attack each other. Therefore Windows Defender will not turn on. Windows Defender will also work in earlier Windows Systems, but must be downloaded for free from internet.

If you need help with your computer call Your Club.

President Dennis








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