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President’s Newsletter June 2017

1…There is a new update for windows 10 that does not automatically update. If you have missed the link you may download from window 10 download centre. It is a large download of about 3 Gigabytes, so it may take some time the IT team has approved its download. As club computers have Deep Freeze protection this upgrade cannot be installed.

2…Term 3 has finished and Term 4 classes are now on notice board there are vacancies so please enrol and attend. These classes are important for you to participate in and show support. Again I must remind all members these leaders are volunteers, who give up their own time to teach. It is a disappointment to them if class attendance is poor.

3…It has been brought to my attention that some members do not like the format I use for this newsletter and that it is not using Windows Word correctly. I use this format for reasons that are too long to write or take up your time with. Except to say it is in my opinion Senior Friendly. To the members offended Block or Do Not Open easy solution instead of sending me Emails on how I should format my newsletter.

4…The new printers are installed and operating,  The company installer called back  a week later to run some test picture to check all is ok. Good after sale service.

5…Please remember if you have problems at home with your computer, you can ring me for advice while you are sitting looking at the problem. I may not be able to solve it there and then, but will advise you on your next step to relieve the stress. I am not a computer expert by any means, but know who and when to call in the experts.

6…Remember it is called PC for Personal Computer that means what you want to do or learn and install on your computer.  Other people can make suggestions but the final choice is yours.

7…Do not be afraid to try something or press a key or proceed, as if something goes wrong it can be undone. That is why very young children learn Smart Phones IPads Tablets and smart TV. They are not afraid of what will happen. Learn from our grandchildren, it is their time to shine.

8…The club is also thinking of installing Microsoft Office 2016 as Office 2007 now installed is 10 years old and even Office 2010 is 7 years old. In computer years that is far too old to keep up with computer advancement, and one of our objects in the club is to teach seniors the computer technology available.  This does not mean you have to automatically upgrade but you should now be on Office 10. I know that it is hard to learn new Office Programs, as like an old pair of slippers it is hard to throw them away. But things wear out and so do old programs - and to open and read word attachments in correspondence and Emails you need to update. 

Your Computer is an extension of You.

President Dennis





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